Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Football Madness!

I was just thinking about how excited I am about the fall season....because football starts with it! What better excuse to have a party? My football season will start this weekend in Wisconsin to watch the Badgers in their first home game.....so excited to hang out, stroll State Street and eat, eat, eat.
I recently got back from browsing the Home Goods store. There's so much good stuff. It's insane. It was hard to only browse and not buy but I found the perfect party trays and condiment holders for a fun football party. They're so cute. Add these to a table with a DIY football field tablecloth, green plates, brown napkins, pigs in a blanket, pizza, chips, dips...etc. I could go on and on. Even add your favorite team colors to the decor'. There are so many fun ideas.

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