Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Martinis and Mayhem

Get your girlfriends together and have a Martinis and Mayhem party! Check out this cute invitation from the Celebration Shoppe. Perfect for a girl's Halloween martini party. Create your own Halloween cocktails or you can find great recipes online. I especially love this eyeball martini, so cute.

Another fun idea would be to incorporate a Roaring 20's theme. All of your girlfriends dress in there best flapper wear. This would make it easier on guests. They wouldn't have to come up with their own costume ideas. You've already done that for them. Have guests bring nostalgic martini recipes from the 1920's and recreate them. Play 1920's music and give out feather boas as party favors. Make it as girly as possible and use lots of bling and feathers, especially on the martini glasses. Endless possibilities!

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